Trying to decipher what laundry is clean and what is dirty in the armchair at the end of my bed...
  • Me: Yeah, that's clean.
  • Me: I guess that's clean, I only wore it for a few hours.
  • Me: Umm... that smells clean...ish.
  • Me: When the hell did I even wear that?
  • Me: Oh yeah, that's definitely dirty.
  • Me: Yep, clean... oh wait, nevermind, that has cum all over it.


♪ real human being and a real hero ♪

Don’t stop until you’re satisfied. You want an explanation? Ask. You want to be successful? Work. Don’t settle for results you don’t want. Don’t stop until you’re satisfied.
(the best advice a teacher has ever given me)

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Children Read To Shelter Cats To Soothe Them

(Photos by Animal Rescue League Of Berks County. You can follow them on Facebook.)

Also good for the kids. They encourage having slow readers read to the family pets. A dog will listen to a kid read a whole book one damn sssyl-la——-ble at a time, and it will never get frustrated, or correct their pronunciation, or start playing Angry Bird because it can’t stand listening to the slowness any more. The dog will look at the kid approvingly, because, human. Human is talking. Human is interacting.

So this is a great win-win.

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thoughts on boys?


disgusting but irresistible

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